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My life as a doctor of vision

Daniel Spitzberg, M.D.

From his small town roots, planted in the fertile soil of Fort Wayne, Indiana, Dan Spitzberg always knew he had a destination with greatness.

Dan was provided by his Jewish parents with a strong work ethic and a true moral compass that guided him as he graduated from medical school and went on to specialize in ophthalmology. Falling under the wing of optical pioneer, Dr. Theodore Schlaegel, Dan would go on to distinguish himself in the field of uveitis research and treatment. 

You will follow Dan’s life journey as he builds a growing medical practice and a loving family. Each step is punctuated with candid tales and often hilarious episodes.Twice widowed, Dan shares the touching—and at times, tragic—highlights from his three wonderful marriages.

In the pages of this inspiring memoir, you will also discover Dan’s unique and admirable attitude about money—both making it and giving it away. Breaking from the stereotyped image of medical professionals, Dan explores his highly successful career as an entrepreneur and savvy investor. He likewise touches upon his renowned role as a dedicated philanthropist. 

It is a triumphant story of an entrepreneurial eye doctor. A story that comes straight from the heart and goes by all too quickly, in the blink of an eye.

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A commonsense plan for a return to civility

Michael Benedict

America boasts citizens from every country, speaking 350+ languages and representing every major religion. It is an economic, political, and social powerhouse. Yet one of the greatest threats our nation faces is the decline of basic civility in everyday life. People of all ages and backgrounds can observe a growing coarseness and vulgarity in society, including an obsessive focus on the self in social media; a disrespect for boundaries and property; growing intolerance toward ideas; significant corporate pay inequities; attacks on persons of other faiths and ethnicities; an increasing neglect of the elderly, and a decline in charitable giving.

Filled with extensive research and statistics on the causes and types of incivility in America, The Civil Society Playbook introduces an actionable, thirty-day framework that empowers each of us to:

     • dig deep into our best selves 

     • activate our empathy muscles

     • step out of our comfort zones

     • notice others who are in need

     • and decide to act 

And in return for our efforts, we can look forward to many personal and collective benefits, including: 

      ✓ enhanced leadership capacity

      ✓ enhanced community spirit 

      ✓ enhanced sense of purpose

      ✓ increased connection to others

      ✓ increased sense of gratitude 

      ✓ ... and more!

“There’s no ‘perfect time’ to enact the right and the good.

But we can decide to do at least one act starting today.”

BABA & SABA; Recollections

A love letter to the coming generations

Marilyn & Stanley M. Katz

This is the eternal story of a romance that has endured and flourished into its eighth decade. In this, their joint account of the highs and lows, the twists and turns, the joy and the tears of their incredible marital odyssey, you will begin by sharing fond recollections of their defining early years in the Depression-era Bronx. Then the building of a family and a fortune in post-war America through grit and ingenuity in the fields of law, real estate development and banking can only be described as a true “Only In America” saga.

You’ll discover why Marilyn is known for having the most loving outgoing heart that stretches from Westchester County to Palm Beach. How she has valiantly guided the family towards fulfillment of the mitzvah of Tzedakah for more than 70 years.

You’ll also meet some of the fascinating people whose lives Stan and Marilyn have touched along the way. From diplomats to doormen, the Katzes embraced them all.

Finally, you’ll meet the exceptional people who provided the incentive behind the creation of this book: Their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. L’do v’dor.

This book is certainly a “loveletter” to the coming generations. But it is also an illuminating and inspiring look at one of America’s great indomitable families that you are sure to enjoy getting to know.

NOTE: This book is a Private Edition and not available for retail sale. If you are interested in obtaining a copy, please contact PWP via the Contact page and someone will get back to you promptly. Thank you. 


and the pathway to yours

Roger Shorr

At age 68, former financial professional, Roger Shorr, experienced an epiphany while contemplating a can of beer. The experience opened the door to a transformative metamorphosis that, over the ensuing months, led him to achieving a near perfect body. 

Chronicling his uplifting odyssey, Roger developed a powerful mind-body strategy that combines common sense dieting and exercise with an unshakable will to succeed.  In this, his inspiring and highly entertaining account of his journey, Roger explains how you can follow his path towards achieving your own near perfect body—at any age! 

Beautifully illustrated and filled with delightful anecdotes and practical advice, The Near Perfect Body, stands as not only an unprecedented account of incredible accomplishment, but also as a singular source of inspiration for both the body and the spirit. Endorsed by medical and athletic experts as an ideal method for mature men and women to obtain and maintain a state of enduring fitness, The Near Perfect Body breaks new ground in the advancement of lasting health.

If you are seeking the determination to say “I must have it!” then this engaging 200-page guide to greatness is your entry point on the road to all-out achievement. You will love The Near Perfect Body and you will absolutely love YOUR near perfect body even more.  


Rabbi Leonid Feldmans 18 years of Spiritual Leadership at Temple Beth El

For eighteen unforgettable years, Rabbi Leonid Feldman served as the charismatic spiritual leader of Temple Beth El in West Palm Beach, Florida. As the world’s only Soviet-born Conservative rabbi, Rabbi Feldman succeeded in deeply impacting the lives of his congregants, his colleagues and members of both the Jewish and gentile communities. 

This book is an eclectic collection of memories, drawn from the “Feldman Years” and shared by the people whose lives he profoundly touched.

The stories, photos and other memorabilia catalogued in its pages are intended to serve not only as a chronicle of Rabbi Feldman’s extraordinary tenure, but moreover to trigger fond memories of the life and times of this gifted teacher and spiritual mentor.

Produced by his grateful followers at Temple Beth El as a keepsake testament and presented to him at the rabbi’s induction as the congregation’s Rabbi Emeritus, The Book of Chai may be enjoyed and appreciated by anyone interested in learning about this true Gadol Hador (giant of a generation).


Dr. Felix Glaubach

In this, his epic biography, Dr. Felix Glaubach takes the reader on the ride of a lifetime. From the streets of his Depression-era boyhood Borough Park home to his exploits as a teenage stock trader, you will discover why ,in so many ways, Dr. Glaubach’s life seemed to be “Touched by an Angel.” 

Leaving a thriving practice as an “Orthodox Orthodontist,” Felix co-founded a home health care business with only three patients—two of whom promptly passed away. From such humble beginnings, and with his lifelong companion, Miriam, by his side, he built Personal Touch into a major industry force with operations in 13 states. 

In Touched by an Angel you will learn about Shevet Glaubach, Felix and Miriam’s growing tribe that is the source of their greatest joy. You will discover Felix’s penchant for flamboyant bowties and a candid confession about his taste for toupees. 

And of course, you will explore Felix’s major passion, the creation of one of the world’s premier collections of Judaica art known as Mishkan Glaubach. 

Sitting at the core of Felix Glaubach’s being is his unflagging devotion to Judaism and true Torah tradition. It is for this reason that after completing Felix’s uplifting—and at times hilarious—life journey, you may very well feel as though you too have been Touched by an Angel. 


Menno Ratzker

In this, his candid—and at times, highly comical—memoir, Menno Ratzker takes us on the journey of a lifetime. From his early years, hidden from the Nazis by the Dutch underground, through his career as a globe-trotting trader of metal commodities, Menno delivers an intimate and insightful portrait of a life well-lived. 

His story demonstrates how a strong work ethic results in professional success and how a devotion to one’s family produces unparalleled joy and nachas.

Ultimately, such blessings developed within in him a strong sense of gratitude that is manifested by his lifelong work as a synagogue lay leader and a humanitarian philanthropist in behalf of such organizations as the Shaare Tzedek Hospital in Israel. 

After reading this inspiring and irreverent chronicle you will understand why Menno Ratzker proclaims “I’m Glad I Got This Far.” And, at that point, you will be glad as well.

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Jason Shapiro

Trevor Huxley’s life is unraveling at the seams, but he’s doing everything possible to portray the perfect existence on social media. Trevor’s best friend, Paul, a psychologist, convinces Trevor the best therapy method for improving his mental health is to come clean about his façade on Facebook.        

A Social Illusion celebrates the power of self-accountability and the belief that it is possible to transform our lives into the reality we desire.


Elliot Fixler

Born in Budapest just days after the Nazis marched into Hungary in 1944, the Jewish child who would become Elliot Fixler, protected by his courageous single mother, miraculously managed to survive history’s darkest hour. And thus began one man’s dauntless life journey that would eventually bring him back to Budapest in search of his own family identity. In this comprehensive and very often hilarious memoir, Elliot Fixler recounts his boyhood in post-war Buffalo, his misadventures in the Yeshivas of New York, and the launching of his highly unconventional law practice. Filled with Fixler’s dramatic and comedic courtroom cases, Full Circle, also chronicles the animated attorney’s private pathway that has taken him from triumph to tragedy. A life’s journey that has seen the author come full circle by returning to his original venues and values. Values that this absorbing and entertaining biography will surely transmit to his heirs and to all who opt to immerse themselves in

Full Circle.

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Available in eBook format

Available in eBook format

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Available in eBook format



Marilyn Pollans

An uproarious, inspiring, and thoroughly engaging memoir by the former Associate Dean at the University of Maryland School of Engineering. With a disarming charm coupled with a gritty determination, Dr. Marilyn Berman Pollans broke down barriers to opportunity and cracked through thick glass ceilings. Her pioneering efforts have resulted in a new generation of women entering the previously male-dominated field of engineering. This jocular and absorbing memoir recounts her struggles, her setbacks, and ultimately the victory of her indomitable spirit.


Pearl Ginsburg

In this heart-filled and haimish memoir of a genuine Yiddishe Mama, Pearl Ginsburg recounts a woman of faith's inspiring Godyssey from the secular to the sacred side of Judaism. Written while in her nineties, Pearl recounts unforgettable, and often rollicking, moments drawn from the extraordinary life of a true Aiyshes Chayil (Woman of Valor). With an introduction by Pearl's close friend and spiritual teacher, Rabbi Moshe Scheiner of the renowned Palm Beach Synagogue, The Wisdom of Pearl is bursting with true pearls of wisdom offered by an ordinary woman with an extraordinary and singular mission in life: the perpetuation of the Jewish people.


Hart N. Hasten

In this dramatic and inspiring look at the man who is today considered Israel's most revered prime minister, his close friend, American Zionist and philanthropist, Hart Hasten, shares his memories about Menachem Begin. Hasten, who first learned of Irgun leader Begin when Hasten was a young Holocaust survivor in the post-war DP camps of Europe, met his hero in Chicago in 1970. From there, a warm friendship developed as Begin became Hasten's mentor. Hasten went on to serve as Begin's prime political supporter in America and, upon Begin's election as prime minister in 1977, Hasten became his trusted advisor. The friendship endured and flourished during the years of seclusion following Begin's retirement from office. In "Menachem Begin Remembered," Hasten recounts a rich collection of memorable moments, both public and intimate, with the skill of a seasoned raconteur. In so doing, he has created a testimony that will serve as a lasting legacy of Israel's—and the world's— most beloved and respected leaders. 


Jim McCormick

Raised on the soil of his family homestead in Indiana's historic Wabash Valley, Jim McCormick emerged as one of the most dynamic and respected leaders of America's transportation industry. Starting with a single rickety truck loaded with Knox County melons, McCormick eventually built an extensive five-state regional common carrier company.

McCormick went on to serve as Chairman of Golf Hosts, Inc., operator of the well-known Innisbrook and Tamarron golf resorts. McCormick's unparalleled rise in the trucking industry propelled him into positions of statewide and national leadership, culminating in his election as national chairman of the American Trucking Associations, the nation's major trade and advocacy group.

In this, his panoramic personal history, Jim McCormick chronicles the early foundations of his life on the farm, gives us an insider's glimpse at his business accomplishments and shares tales of struggle and triumph drawn from his years of industry leadership. McCormick goes beyond the conventional "memoir" format by delving into his lifetime love affair withb all things mobile and motorized. Expounding on an inner passion that has "driven" him from the cabs of eighteen-wheelers to the cockpit of jet aircraft, McCormick pilots the reader through a high speed, turbo-charged "tour-de-fast," populated by powerful Harleys, Citation Jets and ocean-going yachts.

These spell-binding pages bring into full focus a portrait of a man who has fueled his life's journey with devotion to his family, commitment to his faith and an over-arching lust for living. Jim McCormick has imbued this epic rearview mirror recollection with that same "High Octane" fuel and invited the reader to come along for the ride. It truly is an extraordinary journey.

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Richard L. Hirsch

Not only his favorite catch-phrase, “Sempre Avanti” or Always Forward, is a definitive description of one man’s personal philosophy that has propelled him into key leadership positions in both the worlds of commerce and philanthropy. In this revealing and amusing retrospective, Richard Hirsch shares the high and low points of his exemplary and exceptional life’s journey. Emerging from a Jewish immigrant family that founded the nation’s largest manufacturer of kitchen stoves, Richard was immersed in the principles of “Tzedakah” and “Tikun Olam.” You will read how he learned, at an early age, about the true “Responsibility of Privilege.” Becoming the youngest C.E.O. of a Fortune 500 company at age 29, Richard soon realized that the firm was floundering. Through struggle and stamina, he fielded a team that eventually succeeded in not only turning the company’s fortunes around, but building it into a powerhouse force in the commercial kitchen equipment industry. In this passionate memoir, you will discover how Richard not only continued his family’s legacy of philanthropic support for crucial causes, but how, through tenacity and determination, he advanced those causes to new heights of achievement. Business captain. Philanthropist. Family man. Richard Hirsch’s life journey can well serve as a blueprint for the aspiring young business leader and social activist. In this book, he not only provides us with an engaging backward look, but also shares his vision for the future as he urges us all to always keep moving forward. Sempre Avanti!


Hart N. Hasten

Arriving penniless to the United States after surviving the horrors of the Holocaust, Hart Hasten rose to the top levels of finance and industry through tenacity and grit. He became an integral part of his community at large, not only giving of his wealth but also his time and knowledge.

 I Shall Not Die! is the personal memoir of a true American success story. Looking back from the perspective of age seventy, the author presents an amazing account of escape and rescue from Nazi occupied Poland and his formative years in the DP camps of Europe. The saga continues as Hasten arrives in America and achieves extraordinary success in business and attains a position of international leadership in Jewish affairs.

 The book's central core is an intimate account of Hasten's twenty-five year friendship with revered Israeli political leader and Prime Minister, Menachem Begin. Hasten serves up a fascinating series of personal portraits, anecdotes and insights culled from his close relationships with Israeli and Jewish luminaries including Ariel Sharon, Elie Wiesel and Benjamin Netanyahu. Through it all, Hasten articulates the driving force and commitment to Jewish strength and independence that have defined him as a world recognized leader, as a serious and observant Jew and as a man.

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Available in Hebrew

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Bill Callahan

In this emotion-packed saga of an Evangelical Christian's path to passionate Zionism, Bill Callahan chronicles the amazing journey that took him from the whirlpool of Wall Street to the Gates of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. After undergoing an epiphany as he witnessed his world come crashing down around him on September 11, 2001, Bill recounts how giving his life over to Christ resulted in a series of divine synchronicities and miraculous milestones. 

Operating out of South Florida, Bill has devoted his life to building bridges of interfaith understanding between the Christian and Jewish communities of Palm Beach. His work has earned him worldwide recognition and the respect of both Christian and Jewish spiritual leaders. 

The author is honored to include an introduction by Susan Michael, the U.S. Director of the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem.

Join Bill on the this unforgettable and uplifting spiritual "Godyssy" that is guaranteed to renew your faith in God's everlasting power.

Life is an Opportunity

J. Ira Harris

 In this sweeping memoir, J. Ira Harris escorts the reader on a journey of remarkable accomplishment and dynamic discovery. Starting with his colorful youth as a “Boogie Down” Bronx boy, through his years at his beloved alma mater—the University of Michigan—his life journey delivers Harris to the pinnacle of the financial industry as one of the nation’s leading investment bankers and corporate deal makers.

You will meet the outstanding mentors, the influential figures and the respected role models who shaped Harris’s course and guided his steps towards success. Harris recounts the lessons learned along the way that have provided him with the values and work ethic that have propelled his career. Values that he now wishes to pass on to his heirs and to instill into the next generation.  

At the core of those values is the overarching belief that every life is an opportunity. An opportunity for success as well as an opportunity to do good for others. 

Filled with drama, pathos and humor, “Life is an Opportunity” is a saga that will leave an indelible positive impression on readers of all ages. 

NOTE: This book is a Private Edition and not available for retail sale. If you are interested in obtaining a copy, please contact PWP via the Contact page and someone will get back to you promptly. Thank you. 

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Without Risk Cover.webp


Robert Mayer

Upon this declaration, Bob Mayer has built a stunning edifice, shaped by his own experiences as a builder, a banker, a businessman, a hotel and casino operator, and a world class real estate entrepreneur. From his modest beginnings as a day laborer amid the post-war Southern California housing boom, to his years as the region’s largest developer of multi-family residential housing, WITHOUT RISK recounts a true American Dream come true. In colorful vignettes, Bob shares many of the amazing and outrageous anecdotes he has collected over his fifty years as a successful real estate de-veloper. 

Acclaimed for building some of the most luxurious prop-erties along the Pacific Coast, Bob, in these pages, builds “story” upon unforgettable “story” to construct a personal history high-rise that will delight and astound you. 

Episodes such as his high stakes negotiations with Las Vegas impresario, Steve Wynn and Bob’s account of a high flying and hilarious Mexican Hat Dance add life and color to this inspiring testimony of one man’s aspirations and achievements.

Driven by the principle that accepting, and even embrac-ing risk is essential to financial success, Bob lays out in plain spoken detail, how he built his highly successful enterprise step-by-step. Today, Bob Mayer enjoys the widespread re-spect and admiration of his industry and his peers. After reading “WITHOUT RISK THERE IS NO REWARD,” you will undoubtedly feel the same way.


Murray J. Laulicht

On February 1, 1940, a thirty-three-year-old Jewish woman arrived alone in New York Harbor bearing, in her womb, the person who would eventually become the author of this book. Ernestyna Goldwasser had left behind her family, steeped in the rich Jewish culture of Krakow, to seek sanctuary from the marauding Germans, who had invaded Poland the previous fall.

   As the child of a father who held US citizenship, Ernestyna enjoyed a special status that became priceless when the war broke out. She, too, was deemed a US citizen and thereby eligible to emigrate out of Poland. Unfortunately, Ernestyna's husband, Chaskel Goldwasser, enjoyed no such status. As his wife, pregnant with their first child, embarked on her journey, Chaskel was forced to remain behind, trapped in the inferno that was soon to engulf and incinerate one third of the world's Jewish population.

   Ernestyna entered the US through the famed golden door mentioned in the final words of the Emma Lazarus poem that graces the Statue of Liberty. Unfortunately, because of the antisemitic policies of the US State Department, that door remained shut tight to Chaskel.

During Ernestyna's valiant struggle to reunite with her husband, they were able to maintain an intimate and highly emotional correspondence. Many of their letters have been preserved and are presented in this volume as a first-person account of their desperate struggle to find the key that would unlock Chaskel's imprisonment...before it was too late.

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Rabbi Dr. Bernard Lander

What sort of man wakes up one morning, at age 53, and tells his wife that he is quitting his prestigious position as the Dean of Graduate Jewish Studies at Yeshiva University and going off to found a new college? What manner of man walks along the New Jersey shore with his best friend and has the chutzpah to declare: Our new school will someday be bigger than Harvard and Yale? What sort of man, indeed?

   The Lander Legacy is one that cannot yet be fully appreciated. It will take the passage of years to fully assess the impact that Dr. Bernard Lander's life had upon the future of the Jewish people. This much is certain. He was a one-of-a-kind tsaddik. He saw himself, and the school that he built, as something akin to Havdalah. The dividing line between the sacred and the mundane. He stood with one foot planted on either side, a clear reminder that without the work week, there can be no Sabbath and vice versa. Torah and Parnassa. G-d and man. To understand the importance of this distinction, and to place value on both, is to understand Bernard Lander, the man and giant Jewish leader of our age.


Andrew Merey

When he was 19 years old, Andrew Merey was told by the top neurosurgeons in America that he had less than a year to live. But thanks to an indomitable spirit and a positive mindset, he succeeded in surviving and thriving for another quarter century. In both quantity and quality, Andrew's inspiring life saga demonstrates the power of the mind-body relationship and how one man was able to cope with unimaginable challenges while all the while proclaiming: "I'm Still Smiling!"

Learn how Andrew's positive mental attitude — marked by an infectious smile — kept him alive for twenty-five years after the doctors told him he had six months to live. 

Mark My Words 3-D.webp


Mark Hasten

Forced to flee the Nazi onslaught that devoured his Polish hometown and the world he knew, Mark Hasten started down a road that would eventually lead him to the heights of business success in America. On the way, his astounding odyssey—as faithfully recounted in these pages—led him through countless episodes that tested his courage and character.

From the ranks of the Free Polish Army during WW II to his remarkable experiences aboard the ill-fated Altalena during Israel’s first days of Independence, Mark’s story is one of determination, ingenuity, and abiding religious faith.


Through it all, you’ll discover Mark’s steadfast philosophy that has accounted for his success and that he abundantly shares in this poignant memoir. Join Mark as he invites you to read his testimony and to "Mark My Words!"


Jim Ackerman

 In this, his passionate and panoramic memoir, one of cable TV’s most respected pioneers shares the saga of his extraordinary life and career. Beginning in 19th century Europe, as the Ackerman family immigrates to America in search of economic opportunity and religious freedom, we are transported through the author’s boyhood memories of the fabled Indiana community of Ligonier. Emerging into manhood as an Army air reconnaissance pilot during WWII, Jim soon begins to develop a knack for being in just the right place at just the right time.

  From his life-long love affair with Purdue University through a labyrinthine business career that straddled the crossroads of technology and finance, Jim Ackerman succeeded in earning an industry reputation for sterling integrity and unmatched achievement. Starting out as a junior collection agent for a midwest loan company, Jim’s amazing odyssey took him to the heights of Wall Street as his financial innovations helped fuel the most incredibly accelerated explosion in American business history.

  Finally, you will discover Jim’s over-arching devotion to his family — past, present, and future — and how such values contributed mightily to this true American success story. While some of Jim’s story of good fortune and good timing may appear unbelievable, you’ll soon understand why Jim Ackerman has opened the pages of his life by stating simply: "That’s My Story!"

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Ivan Sayles

OVERCOOKED will have you laughing and crying as Long Island chef  and restaurateur Ivan Sayles overwhelms your palate and your mind in this truthful, inspiring, and side-splitting exposé.

In his emotion-packed account, Sayles chronicles a twisted odyssey that took him from the abyss of addiction to sobriety and success as a respected restaurateur. His inspiring story of overcoming drug addiction pulls no punches and serves up hearty helpings of heroism and hope. 


Jason T. Shapiro

Jason has been waiting years for this day. He’s made plans to meet his father, Larry, for one last lunch. He’s anxious to ask his dad questions he has held inside since childhood. The meeting becomes a life-changing occurrence for Jason when Larry takes his son on an unedited journey through each decade of his life. Jason is spellbound by all of the wonder, truth, and regret that his father recalls. What’s uncovered grants Jason the peace he has been searching for his entire adult life.

Lunch with Larry is a heartwarming story that reminds us how fragile life can be and that living in the moment is a skill worth mastering.

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Jason Shapiro

Today, Josh is bringing home his new pet, a lion, named Brian. While his family is excited, Josh is worried and nervous. He’s afraid that his pet could be WILD and FEROCIOUS. From the moment Brian charges through the open front door, all of the worries that Josh imagined begin to come true. After finding a quiet place to hide, Josh finally takes a break and begins to calm himself. Later that day, when Josh discovers that his new pet is also relaxed, a heartfelt lesson is learned. Brian, My Pet Lion is a story about how our imagination can create fear and how peaceful thoughts can change the channel in our minds.


Peter Weisz

A Kosher Collection of Jewish Brainteasers, Puzzles, and Enigmas to Drive You Totally Mesghugenneh!

Challenging riddles, enigmas, logic problems and mind-benders, all with a Jewish twist.

Jews have always been a puzzling people. In both senses of the word. We have certainly caused consternation and bewilderment over the ages (just contemplate the mysteries of gefilte fish, for example). And we have, by and large, always enjoyed a good intellectual mind-bender. 

From dreidels to Dungeons & Dragons, Jews have enjoyed a tradition of dreying their kops. And you'll find plenty that will cause you to do just that in this book. In these pages you'll find some classic puzzles, lovingly collected over the years. You'll also encounter brand new ones, created especially for this book. Each contains a bit of a Jewish twist to add to the flavor. But, like they used to say about the rye bread... 

You don't have to be Jewish to enjoy this book!

So strain your brain and try your hand at these kosher conundrums, and if you do well, then congratulate yourself and say: Puzzle Tov!

Screen Shot 2020-12-10 at 1_15_32 PM.webp
More Puzzle Tov! Cover.webp


Peter Weisz & Alex Freuman

MORE Puzzle Tov! is a sequel to the highly popular Puzzle Tov!, a challenging collection of Jewish-themed riddles, puzzles, brainteasers and kosher conundrums. This volume includes some of the most elegant and enigmatic brain-busters ever devised. Dozens of puzzles, at all levels of difficulty, all with a bit of Jewish tradition included, make MORE Puzzle Tov! more fun than a barrel of kosher pickles. You don't have to be Jewish and you don't have to be a math genius to enjoy these delicious brainteasers. More challenging. More educational. More fun. More Puzzle Tov!


Jason T. Shapiro

"Every house has a secret and every street has a story."

In the summer of 1983, 8-year-old Jason Shapiro moves into his new home on Mayfair Court, where he meets Jimmy Gallo. Their connection is instant and the adventures they will embark on capture the essence and simplicity of being a child. A mystical treehouse in Jimmy's yard becomes the boys' home base; a place where secrets are shared and lifelong bonds are made. When Jason abruptly learns that he is moving away in 1989, he must say goodbye to Jimmy and the magical life he has had growing up on Mayfair Court. A series of tragic events later in life will bring Jason back to the street where he grew up. He reflects on his boyhood adventures and attempts to confront his unresolved regrets. When he uncovers a long-forgotten letter, will it finally bring peace to his life? This is a coming of age journey that weaves together the past and the present, with commentary from Jason in current day. He recalls the joy of his childhood and the challenges of confronting his personal truths as an adult.

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Jason T. Shapiro

"It only takes one idea to change the world."

Jacob Roth suspects his uncle, Ostaf, an outcast, may be the inventor of a new product Jacob's father has successfully marketed and is claiming credit for. During the final weeks of the summer before he starts college, Jacob embarks on a mission to ensure Ostaf receives any recognition and financial compensation he deserves. Jacob's persistence and unconditional love for his uncle will eventually guide him to the truth. Ostaf's basement full of inventions hides other secrets that will change Jacob's life, and the world, forever. The Magnificent Mind of Ostaf is a story that celebrates the misfits and dreamers whose passions and ideas make the world a better place

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