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Lets do this together


Chap. 1


Let's get acquainted.

Either in-person, by phone or video chat.

Tell me a bit about your ideas, your goals, your vision.

No cost. No obligation.

Get started by clicking below:

Contact me


Chap. 2

I Propose

You will receive a detailed proposal outlining all timetables, deliverables, costs and procedures. 

Once accepted, we get to work.

Click below to look at a sample Book Project Proposal.

Sample Proposal

Screen Shot 2020-12-07 at 9.28.01 PM.jpg

Chap. 3

Can we talk?

During a scheduled series of interviews with you, your family members, your associates and others, I will not only gather the contours of your life, but also the subtleties of who you are.

It's your story and should be told in your voice.


Chap. 4

Search & Research

I will conduct extensive research into your family background, your professional career and volunteer affiliations. This will be shaped into the context against which the narrative is woven.


Chap. 5

Heres proof

Every word of every chapter will be reviewed and approved by you.

The text will be exhaustively proofread and copy edited — by me and by third parties — in order to produce a professional, publication-quality manuscript.


Chap. 6

Picture this

Photos depicting your life's journey, as well as other illustrations — maps, a Family Tree, perhaps — will be selected and prepared for inclusion. 

Chap. 7

Front to back

Once the narrative text is completed and approved, we will put together all the ancillary components needed for the book's front matter and back matter.

Chap. 8

Lets get physical

We will next design the book's physical appearance.We'll decide about hardcover vs. softcover, color vs. black & white, etc.

 The front and back covers, a wraparound dust jacket, the typeface, page layouts, chapter headings, etc. all combine to give your book a custom professional appearance.

Chap. 9


Once your book has been "put to bed," I will guide you towards the most sensible and suitable production and distribution solution.

Most clients opt to use P.O.D. (Print On Demand) providers, while others employ traditional short-run (25 copy min.) printing and binding sources.

Chap. 10


Sporting its UPC / ISBN Barcode, your book is now "Ready For Prime Time."

It will be available for sale at all major online booksellers as well as all bricks & mortar outlets around the world. 

Now let's talk about promotion and marketing, eBooks, audio books, film adaptation, foreign language versions. The opportunities are unlimited.

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