Let's do this together

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Get acquainted.jpg

Chap. 1


Let's get acquainted.

Either in-person, by phone or video chat.

Tell me a bit about your ideas, your goals, your vision.

No cost. No obligation.

Get started by clicking below:

Proposal Screen.jpg

Chap. 2

I Propose

You will receive a detailed proposal outlining all timetables, deliverables, costs and procedures. 

Once accepted, we get to work.

Click below to look at a sample Book Project Proposal.

Screen Shot 2020-12-07 at 9.28.01 PM.jpg

Chap. 3

Can we talk?

During a scheduled series of interviews with you, your family members, your associates and others, I will not only gather the contours of your life, but also the subtleties of who you are.

It's your story and should be told in your voice.

Hand research.jpg

Chap. 4

Search & Research

I will conduct extensive research into your family background, your professional career and volunteer affiliations. This will be shaped into the context against which the narrative is woven.

Red pen.jpg

Chap. 5

Here's proof

Every word of every chapter will be reviewed and approved by you.

The text will be exhaustively proofread and copy edited — by me and by third parties — in order to produce a professional, publication-quality manuscript. 

Selecting photos.jpg

Chap. 6

Picture this

Photos depicting your life's journey, as well as other illustrations — maps, a Family Tree, perhaps — will be selected and prepared for inclusion. 

Screen Shot 2020-12-08 at 11.16.19 AM.jp

Chap. 7

Front to back

Once the narrative text is completed and approved, we will put together all the ancillary components needed for the book's front matter and back matter.

Cover Design.jpg

Chap. 8

Let's get physical

We will next design the book's physical appearance.We'll decide about hardcover vs. softcover, color vs. black & white, etc.

 The front and back covers, a wraparound dust jacket, the typeface, page layouts, chapter headings, etc. all combine to give your book a custom professional appearance.

Assembly Line.jpg

Chap. 9


Once your book has been "put to bed," I will guide you towards the most sensible and suitable production and distribution solution.

Most clients opt to use P.O.D. (Print On Demand) providers, while others employ traditional short-run (25 copy min.) printing and binding sources.

Screen Shot 2020-12-08 at 8.30.05 PM.jpg

Chap. 10


Sporting its UPC / ISBN Barcode, your book is now "Ready For Prime Time."

It will be available for sale at all major online booksellers as well as all bricks & mortar outlets around the world. 

Now let's talk about promotion and marketing, eBooks, audio books, film adaptation, foreign language versions. The opportunities are unlimited.

Peter Weisz Publishing is a boutique vanity press producer of legacy memoir books. Professional high quality ghostwriter, collaborative author, and publisher of life story autobiographies and personal histories based in West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County, Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida FL.