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Why should I write my memoirs? I'm not a celebrity.

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Next to "How much will it cost me?," this is the question I encounter most often from people considering writing their life stories. While it's true that in the past only well-known personages wrote their memoirs — politicians, sports figures, Hollywood actors, etc. — and most often hired ghostwriters to produce them, this is not the case any longer. The economics of book publishing have changed dramatically. In the pre-digital era, a book needed to sell large numbers of copies in order to recoup its production costs. Therefore it was only practical to produce autobiographies by well-know individuals whose name recognition would help sell the book. Not so today. Thanks to Print On Demand technologies it is now possible to get a book published and available for sale worldwide at next to zero production cost. This has created a new industry that brought the cost of hiring a ghostwriter way down. In other words, it is now within the financial reach of just about anyone to produce a lasting literary record of their lives that will serve as a legacy for their families as well as for posterity. There are many solid reasons why ordinary citizens (with extraordinary stories to tell, like you) should write their memoirs. And it's not just because they can. I will be going into these reasons in future blog posts. Please check back and stay tuned. And, in the meanwhile, if you are ready to consider writing your own legacy life story, your own personal history, your own autobiography, your own memoirs, get in touch and let's talk about how I may assist you.

Click the video to learn why now is the best time to write your life story.

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Peter Weisz
Peter Weisz
Jan 01, 2023

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